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Quinta Pousada de Fora

Colheita Selecionada 2021

Colheita Selecionada 2021

  • White Wine
  • Region: DOC Vinho Verde
  • Vintage: 2021
  • ABV: 11.5% vol.
  • Grape Variety: Loureiro & Arinto
  • Closure: Cork
  • Allergies: Contains Sulphites
  • Vivino Rating: - 
  • Case Packs: 6
  • pH : 
  • Total acidity (g/L) : 
  • Residual Sugar (g/L) : 
  • Vinification ?

A white wine, young, fresh with a little fizz

DOC Vinho Verde

Quinta Pousada de Fora wines are made exclusively from grapes grown on their estate, with a total area of 5.8ha, 30% is Arinto and 70% Loureiro.

The vineyard’s location on deep, fertile clay, and humic soil provides an excellent foundation for grape cultivation. The decision to plant in a tight formation, encouraging competition among plants and reducing excessive vigor, is a strategic move. This approach enhances soil and production management efficiency.

Furthermore, the vines are trained to grow high and narrow, which has several benefits:

  1. Balanced Ripening: The elevated position of the vines ensures that grapes receive optimal sunlight exposure. This promotes even ripening, leading to better grape quality.

  2. Well-Exposed Hedges: By training the vines to be narrow, they form well-spaced hedges. This configuration allows for adequate airflow, reducing the risk of fungal diseases and promoting healthy grape development.

In summary, this thoughtful combination of soil type, planting density, and vine training contributes to the vineyard’s success in producing high-quality grapes.

Balance, elegance and freshness, gastronomic, carbonated and uncarbonated, valuing the purity of the Loureiro & Arinto grape varieties.

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